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Introducing WeavRSS

"Demand more from your feed reader..."

Redefine the way you read, discover and share the content that matters...

Features Overview

Catalog of 1800+ RSS Feeds

Up to 60 Days RSS Feed History

Full-text Search of Articles

Unlimited Feed Groups

Unlimited Search Groups

Interactive Feed History Timeline

Saved Custom Boolean Searches

Boolean-enabled Search Groups

Optional Regular Expression Syntax

Share to Social Media Sites

Saved & Shared Items Bookmarks

RSS Item Rapid Search Bar

Import Individual RSS Feeds

Export Search Results via RSS

Search Term Highlighting

Start Reading in Four Easy Steps!

1. Choose Your Feeds

Easily add feeds to your profile from our growing feed catalog of over 1400+ feeds. Our catalog contains feeds across the topics of General News Journalism (Regional, National, & Global), Sports, Politics, Tech and more! Premium features include the ability to add your own RSS feeds as well as group import feeds using an OPML file.

2. Group Your Feeds

Quickly organize your feeds using an unlimited number of feed groups. Groups can be used to keep your profile tidy but more importantly leverage them to establish topic scopes for use with Saved Searches. We know people's interests can spread across many topics so we don't limit the number of feed groups you can put in your profile.

3. Set Your Time Period

Immediately gain insight out of your feeds' publishing activity using the interactive timeline graph. Depending on account level, users have access to as many as 60 days of feed history allowing for more in-depth research. Using the graph, you can quickly investigate elevated levels of publishing on a particular day with a single click.

4. Discover & Share

Rapidly discover news stories of interest using our Headline Search. We display the information originally published in the feed and give you the ability to quickly open the item at the publishing source. Share the stories to your social media networks without having to go through the hassle of connecting your account to our application.

Expedite the discovery of relevant news using customizable searches...

Start Searching in Four Easy Steps!

1. Set Your Scope

Feed groups are more than just a way to keep your profile neat and orderly. While you can always search a single feed, use grouping to establish a search scope across multiple feeds for a particular topic of interest. Once you have a feed or feed group selected, simply navigate into the My Searches tab where you will be able to create Searches and Search groups for the items of interest that matter to you.

2. Create Your Search

Save time in your Search & Discovery process using customizable searches saved to your profile. When creating a new search, you can give it a custom name and use our search building interface to create with ease advanced boolean, term-based criteria. Search terms can be entered in simple text notation or regular expression (regex) syntax.

3. Group Your Searches

Quickly find the intersection of multiple searches using search groups. Each group has the option to have its boolean mode toggled giving you the ability to find: 1. all the documents that match any of the searches ("OR" mode) or 2. only the documents which contain a match by all of the grouped searches ("AND" mode) without having to change your search term criteria.

4. Discover & Share

All the same features here as in the My Feeds interface. No need to restate them.

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